The self- loading pistol .455":

In 1913 the Brittish Navy adopted the Webley & Scott self-loading pistol, and its cartridge, the ball pistol self-loading .455 mk I (z).

The cartridge case had a semi rim and the headstamp included the mark numeral "I" or "Iz". The bullet had a nickel plated copper envelope with a lead / antimony core.


Ball mk I; headstamp R^L  39  I

There was no proof round adopted, but commercial Kynoch proof rounds were used to proof the pistols.

Two versions of dummy / drill cartridges are seen but they are not approved for service. One round had the word DUMMY in the headstamp, and the other had an empty primer cap with a hole drilled in it.

The .455 inch Mk I was packed with 7 rounds in a cardboard box with the label printed in green.

.455 box with 7 cartridges