.450 inch Adam revolver ammunition:

With the adoption of the Dean & Adams revolver in 1868 the British army had for the first time an officially approved revolver.The Dean and Adams revolver fired the .450" Adams revolver ammunition. The ball cartridges were produced in three different marks;

.450 inch MK I:

The case of the MK I round was made out of two parts, a body was made of brass and the head of an iron disc. The body was secured to the iron disc by the rivet of the boxer primer. The MK I had no headstamp. The  round nosed bullet was made of lead.


Ball MK I

.450 inch MK II:

The ball MK II was introduced in 1877 and differ from the MK I by having a brass disc base instead of a iron one. The MK II was marked on the head.


Ball MK II; headstamp ELEY LONDON PROD

.450 inch MK III:

The case of the ball MK III was made out of brass (one piece), with a lead bullet (as for the MK I).


Ball MK III headstamp: ELEY LONDON .450

.450 blank:

No blank round was ever approved for service but sometimes blanks were used. For example an Indian pattern blank with the bullet omitted and closed with a carton disc. (see image)


blank, headstamp: KYNOCH .450